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With over 20 years' experience in the Medical Device industry working with Specialist products including Powered and Manual Wheelchairs, Special controls and home integration plus Robotic Exoskeletons and Assistive devices, our team understand Rehabilitation and its rapidly changing landscape. Supported by our training and engineering team, THOR Assistive Technologies are looking to bring a range of Rehabilitation Robotics and related technology to the UK


Rehabilitation is necessary, but few individuals enjoy the process, which is time-consuming, labour-intensive, and challenging work for all involved. Robotic therapy adds new possibilities for many challenges and offers new opportunities for both Physical and Neurological injuries and acquired illnesses. With pressure on staffing, time and skills, Robotic rehabilitation offers new methods and supports traditional rehabilitation practice. The key is intensive rehab and high repetition. Physiotherapists will achieve more if they have more time when there is no more time available, what you can achieve in the time allowed becomes the opportunity to improve outcomes.

When utilising technology in this way, data collection gives the Patient and the Therapist the ability to see the progress being made from session to session, week to week. This aspect is key to Motivation which is a significant factor when looking at recovery. The Patient, especially when achieving each session, sees the data and results will drive them to achieve even more.



High repetition and intensive rehab have been proven to improve outcomes, particularly with Neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to reorganise neural pathways and synaptic connections. Long-lasting functional changes in the brain occur when we learn new things or memorise new information. This gives real hope to people suffering from Stroke, Acquired Brain injuries and similar. Robotic therapy can assist in this relearning and retraining process. Home devices then offer the ability for this training to continue outside the clinic environment and continue to collect data as required to further increase the intensity and ultimately, results

Thor Assistive Technologies are the UK and Ireland's sole distributor and sales partner for Fourier Intelligence offering robotic rehabilitation devices, along with a range of after-care services.

The All-new handy rehab will be available in the coming months, so please contact us.

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