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ExoMotus™ M4

Lower Limb Exoskeleton Robot

The biped modular structure design of the robot is integrated with the in-house developed motion control unit, multi-dimensional force sensor, and smooth yet high-performing motors at the joints. The robot focuses on walking assistance, bringing more power to each stride.


What We Offer

Institutional Training 

Safe walking, remodelled function

Personal Assistance

Technology helps to walk again

Research Platform

Open source to accelerate technology development



EXOPS™ is an open platform for the exoskeleton, jointly developed by Fourier Intelligence, National Instruments and the University of Melbourne. The platform can be used by research institutes, universities or medical centres for secondary development.

Powerful Actuating Unit

Exquisite mechanical force load design, high-performance servo motor and reducer to provide a strong torque output.


High-Performance Motion Control

The main motion unit (MMU) is a controlling module developed by Fourier Intelligence. It provides excellent computing power to support various algorithm involved in trajectory, speed and dynamic feedback, and data collection.

ExoMotus M4_20200116_0003_Medium.jpg

Real-time Dynamic Weight Support

No limitation to the pelvis movement, natural shifting of the centre of gravity.


Triple Safety Protection

At Thor Assistive Technologies, the user’s safety is our main concern. The robot's control system can continuously sense the user's muscle tension, which can automatically detect possible complications and deal with them. When the user is overloaded during the training process, the robot gradually reduces its speed until it stops to ensure safety during the training process.

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