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Introducing the new partnership with HeroWear to bring you a suit worth the weight



Introducing the HeroWear Apex Exo – Built to sustain the strength of every worker

The Apex employs passive-elastic bands that act in synergy with the major muscle groups responsible for bending and lifting.

The exosuit’s design uses the advantage of an extended moment arm to decrease total forces in the system, meaning the same work can be done with less total force applied.







In total, the HeroWear Apex exosuit reduces about 15%–40% of peak muscle forces applied. Studies have proven that just a 10% reduction in peak forces can result in a 50–80% reduction in microdamage to tissue—and it is the accumulation of microdamage that often leads to overuse injuries like muscle strains and stress fractures.

Women Lift Everyday

Women make up half the industrial workforce. So, from the beginning, we designed the Apex as an exo for all: the first exosuit with a fit for women. The Apex comes in over 50 different fit combinations. All sizes — short, tall, large and small. For women, unisex exosuits and exoskeletons often don’t meet their human standard: comfort. To be a true exo for all, an exosuit must be  customizable, wearable, and comfortable. The Apex meets those criteria with a thoughtful, modular design factoring the key variables necessary for a custom fit.  For women and for men.

The science behind it.

Born from rigorous science and fitted to the human frame, the Apex is a back-assist exosuit researched, developed, and tested in the lab at one of the world’s leading research institutions. Its lightweight design is functional and effective, assisting the worker’s back and sustaining their strength to reduce their risk. All without motors or batteries.

It’s lightweight, weighing just 3.4 lbs

It’s strong and can take over 50lbs. of strain off the back

It’s passive, without motors and batteries

It’s agile, allowing greater variety of motion than any other device

It’s modular, able to adjust to the diverse body types of men and women

It’s affordable, to be accessible to business of all sizes


20-30% Reduction in muscle activity during LIFTING


40% Reduction in muscle fatigue during LEANING


Reduction in muscle activity during LEANING

Speak with our team for more information.

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