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ArmMotusTM M2 Pro

Intelligent Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Robotics

ArmMotus™ M2 Pro is an intelligent upper extremity rehabilitation robotics solution that is applicable to neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. It adopts an innovative integrated design as well as an ultra-thin training platform to provide an extraordinary rehabilitation experience. With intelligent force feedback technology and high-performance motor, ArmMotus™ M2 Pro can deliver precise “assist-as-needed” movement guidance, which provides a more effective rehabilitation process.

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Quick switch between training handles to meet different rehabilitation needs

Cylindrical Handle


Fingertip Handle


Ball Handle


Bilateral Handle


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Measurable Training

Fourier Intelligence’s robotics are integrated with force and position sensors to measure every movement precisely. The device can measure a user’s performance from multiple prospects, including the range of motion (ROM), strength, cognition, response time, etc. All of these analyses and training reports should be taken into account to ensure better training outcomes.

Immersive Interactive Experience

ArmMotus™ M2 Pro provides an extensive library of interactive and engaging games, which motivates the user to complete intensive and repetitive goal-directed tasks with entertainment, thereby considering both clinical effectiveness and fun factors. It can simulate various degrees of resistance, inertia force, elasticity, and obstacles to automatically adjust the level of difficulty game by game.

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Personalised Therapy

ArmMotus™ M2 Pro provides abundant therapies for upper limb functions. A therapist can tailor a targeted therapy according to the patient’s training outcomes and needs by customising the training trajectory

Protraction and Retraction of Shoulder Joint

Range of Motion Training

Flexion and Extension of Elbow Joint

Unilateral Neglect Training

Internal and External Rotation of Shoulder Joint

Trunk Control Training

​​Real-Time Force Feedback Device

ArmMotus™ M2 Pro is an upper extremity rehabilitation robotics solution equipped with intelligent assistance adjustment that can guide the users to build accurate movement trajectories during the acute rehabilitation stage. Meanwhile, for the full recovery of the upper extremity ability, the device can also provide different resistance to achieve various demands from sub-acute to chronic stages of rehabilitation.

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