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Active and Passive Training System for Upper and Lower Limbs

CycleMotus™ product series is the perfect solution for upper and lower limbs training. It covers different rehabilitation needs with a variety of design and therapy such as the bedside version for the acute stages, active and passive training for the sub-acute stages, and resistance training for the chronic stages. CycleMotus™ covers the whole continuum of rehabilitation for users in different age groups.

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CycleMotus™ Series

CycleMotus A4_20200116_0005_Medium.jpg

CycleMotus A4

CycleMotus™ series provides a smooth transition from in-hospital training to outpatient and training within the community. From beside rehabilitation, CycleMotus™ A4 supports upper and lower limb rehabilitation in sitting. Cycling therapy in sitting will strengthen the core and aim to improve balance and coordination.

CycleMotus B2L

CycleMotus™ B2L supports early stage bedside rehabilitation. Equipped with multiple training modes, it can provide early rehabilitation through the passive mode so patients with weak hip flexors are able to commence therapy in bed.

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Multiple Training Modes

CycleMotus™ can provide different training modes that cover the whole continuum of rehabilitation including passive mode, intelligent mode and active mode. Besides that, the upper limb training variations allow users to train on their body coordination and carry out functional training.

ROM Training

Delivers active and passive training to increase the range of motion.

Endurance Training

Continuous and intermittent training enhances muscle endurance and improves functional recovery.

Strength Training

Improves muscle strength by working against different resistance.

Body Coordination Training

Enhances the strength of the back and waist muscle, restores the trunk stability, reinforces early balance control ability and enhances trunk strength.

Aerobic Training

Enhances cardiopulmonary endurance, promotes blood circulation and accelerates functional recovery.

Functional Training

Extends the upper extremity and trains the lower extremilty to do pedaling activities which simulates daily walking.

Multiple Safety Protections

The device is designed with multiple safety protection features to ensure the safety of the user. Besides that, the self-check function allows the device to identify any possible abnormality in the system, ensuring a smooth and safe operation.

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