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Hand Function Rehabilitation Robotics

HandyRehab™ is an intelligent hand rehabilitation robotic glove that targets the fine motor skills of the user by providing various functional finger movement training. It is portable, lightweight and also provides human-computer interactions by integrating electromyographic biofeedback technology.


Handy Rehab TM

Intelligent Hand Rehabilitation Robotics

HandyRehab™ is an intelligent hand rehabilitation robotic glove that assists users to mobilise their fingers. Each finger can be actuated separately and when mobilised together, different hand gestures can be positioned.


Multiple Training Modes

Fine finger motor skill training has always been the pain point of rehabilitation. HandyRehab™ is equipped with 8 individual motors which allow it to carry out complex hand function training. The integration of EMG sensors can provide different training scenarios such as passive, active assistive as well as functional training.

How it works

Enjoy the Whole Training Process

An extensive library of interactive and customisable training modes can guide the user to complete fine finger motor skill training through audio and visual inputs, which can retain the user’s interest and achieve rehabilitation purposes at the same time


Measurable Training

Rehabilitation robotics allows users to quantify their trainings. HandyRehab™ integrates EMG sensor which tracks the user’s active participation. The auto-generated training reports provide measurable results for the user’s preference. This also helps a therapist to better understand the patient’s condition hence providing better training outcomes.

Functional Training

HandyRehab™ helps users improve the skills needed for daily living and working. The lightweight and wireless design of the HandyRehab™ assists users to improve and redevelop motor skills for daily living and working, by allowing them to carry out task-oriented training while interacting with real-life objects. The HandyRehab™ also supports home use and can be used as an assistive device to improve an individual’s quality of daily living.

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