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Affordable Robotics

Thor Assistive Technologies is a UK distributor and sales partner for Fourier Intelligence offering robotic rehabilitation devices, along with a range of after-care services.

Developing & Redefining

solutions with interconnectable intelligent robotics technology

A Complete Range Of Thor Technologies


Developing and redefining rehabilitation robotics solutions with interconnectable intelligent robotics technology.


Hub is built on top of the intelligent robotics technologies, providing an all in one rehabilitation solution and network between devices, users and institutions.


Providing a wide range of upper and lower extremity devices.


Measurable Training

Let the numbers do the talking

Thor Assistive Technologies are integrated with force sensor and position sensor to measure every movement precisely. The device can measure a user's performance from multiple prospects, including the range of motion (ROM), strength, cognition, response time, etc. All of these analysis and training reports should be taken into account to ensure better training outcome. Motus™ series robots will recommend training parameters based on user's assessment and passed training performance. The auto-generated training reports provide measurable results for the user's reference

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